We are a small family breeder of registered Maltese Puppies. Our goal is to breed beautiful, healthy puppies, which will bring a lot of joy and happiness to the new owners. Our puppies are not kennel-raised but are raised right in our home and treated like our own children. They receive a lot of attention and optimal care. Such as we do sell our puppies with full paperwork, for most cases (based solely on the quality of the dog and fitting into the breeding standard), we need to know, that they will go to the loving homes or to a small hobby breeder. Therefore, we want you to tell us about yourself. We don’t just breed Maltese Puppies; our puppies are our furry family. Talk to anyone who has one of our Maltese Puppies and they will tell you that the extra time, love, and care we put into hand-raising our puppies are “priceless”. If you are looking for cheap you are not looking for quality. We hope that as you read through this page you will see that we know about our puppies AND we care enough that we want our new families to be well informed too.

Our puppies are healthy, vet checked, and come with a health guarantee for one year. we have some of the best Maltese puppies you will find anywhere. After purchasing one or more of the puppies from us, we still have your back. It doesn’t mean that the whole deal ends there. Finally, if the need arises, we can arrange expert or do it ourselves, cost-effective and safe solutions for the puppies’ transit to their new homes, which relieves this particular burden from the two parties. Our goal for the future is to popularize a transparent, open way that ultimately helps our puppies in finding new homes for the benefit of all involved.